ALC 4.0 – phase 1 Grand finale

Aug 03, 2019by Naamini Yonazi
Naamini Yonazi

Getting into a Tech field is just confusing no? Where do i start, what do I do, Who should I listen to, which book, why is everyone doing this and I can’t! So many questions. Relax. Breathe with me… Breathe in.. Breathe out!! Let’s dive into the talk now shall we?

Since April 2019, Andela in cooperation with Google Africa and Pluralsight gave an opportunity to 1000 students for the chance to sit for the Google Developers Certification Exam.


It's almost the same as SATs or your GCSEs or for Tanzanias: NECTA. You can read all about it on the link

I, for one, as I am writing this, It is my goal to be among the 1000 students that are going to be picked to sit for the exam (So help me GOD!) next year 2020 from my country. * Update: I got to project phase of the scholarship (one more phase to go) and sure not backing up now! Wohoooo!!

ALC (Andela Learning Community) is such a great community empowering the next generation of African technology leaders


This is a great place to network with people, learning online with unlimited number of materials with awesome assistance from the ALC ambassadors and mentors. I can testify to that. And being a part of the scholarship has even pushed me into limits that I was able to be a mentor for Android Track. Who would have thought!! :-)

Now you know! This event was a closing meetup 4.0 for phase one and a start of new journey

Naamini Yonazi
ALC 4.0 Grand finale

Session 1: Keynote: Building Africa’s next 100k developers

The event started with this as a keynote by Lally Elias where his talk was on everyday use of Git commands, fork, clone, commit, push and pull.

Naamini Yonazi
Building Africa’s next 100k developers

Session 2: Lightning talk: Getting into the tech field

And then it was my turn (*dances). This was a lightning talk aiming at how to make the best way out of a tech field. I thought using an Olympic metaphor (which I also implemented) was right, since each step enables you to take a progressive step. Slides to this talk are available HERE.

Naamini Yonazi
Getting into the tech field

Quick summary: First things first,

  • Reading… read online, read a book, just read because while you are busy searching for answers from the air, the book on your hands might solve it all.
  • Meetups- I can testify to how these meetups has helped me step out of my comfort zone and solutions to my errors and bugs easily
  • Again…reading.. this time, use tools online like Udemy, Cousera, PluralSight, Udacity and the like…


  • Involve yourself in small projects you are interested in for a start, contribute your mind and ideas. Share! Share! Share! and Start! Start! Start!
  • While using frameworks and dependencies and all the codes, go at least one level below the updated version. As much as we like keeping up with versions and plugins, some are hardly stable for use.
  • if you see something broken/bugs, create a patch and fix it first
  • Ladies and gentlemen, Do not be afraid of Errors! Yes, I said it. Not everything has to be negative, errors help you learn and remind you of what you are supposed to do right. So read them red codes and understand what the IDE is telling you.
  • “Rubber duck” rule: I had a great privilege to be couched by a GDE who said, Do not be afraid to speak to someone (or that rubber duck sitting at your desk). Why? That will help you figure out what you have been doing wrong in case you are stuck. Do not be offended when they disagree with you, just learn and be patient
  • Document: Note everything down

Session 3: Panel Discussion

Naamini Yonazi
Panel discussion

This was a really engaging and eye opening discussion on What the Future holds for people in tech. And guess what?! Sophia Assey was there to share with us her experience of being and civil engineer and also an ALC learner. The session was moderated and led by Yesaya Athuman along with Dr. Mshinda- Consultant @foundationbotnar and Eliguard Dawson – Program Director @dtree as panelists.

Naamini Yonazi
Grand Finale: Its a wrap

Session 4:

There was a shocking moment to some of us during the Success stories session of which, I will let you view and read for yourself HERE.

Cheers to all Seedspace Dar es Salaam included who made the event a fun, engaging and an awesome experience!!! I'm sure for one, did not leave that place empty headed!