GDG DevFest 2018

Programming makes my heart FLUTTER

Nov 17, 2018by Naamini Yonazi
Naamini Yonazi

Programming makes my heart FLUTTER

Let me start by saying that, this was my FIRST ever experience as a speaker in a developers conference!! All nervousness and fidgety behind, this day turned out to be one of my best days in 2018.

GDG DevFests are community-run developer events happening around the globe focused on community building and learning about Google’s technologies.
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Naamini Yonazi
Guess what was going on with me here .. lol!

So we have a community here in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania and on November 2018 we had our annual developers conference!! This event brings together people with the interest of shaping the future of Android, IoT (Internet of Things)— Robotics, AI (Artificial Intelligence) and Cloud technologies for a day full of sessions and networking.

I was given a list of topics to choose from so I can talk about on the conference. So I picked Flutter – google’s new Framework. Why? I started learning Flutter early 2018 and got a hang of it by creating small simple apps and taking online courses. I don’t know what I could have chosen on that list if I didn’t learn flutter – lol!

Here’s a highlight of what went down:

  • A sneak peek into Google I/O 2018: my sensei – Georgia Rwechengura – took us through the Google I/O 2018 and her experiences from other places she has been through out the year. She warmly welcomed us to the event as she was our host, delivered the keynote address and insisted on joining and attending such community events.
  • Greetings from DGD Nairobi: Sigu Magwa all the way from Nairobi took his precious time to join on elaborating the “How to make it using technology” question accompanied by greetings from our Nairobi fam.
  • Sessions and Codelabs

    We had various sessions and passioned experts and speakers from different companies and fields who joined us.

    • Rahim Mganywa’s session on The Art of pitching
    • Walter Kimaro’s session on PWAs – Figuring out the kinks
    • Levi Wanyoike’s session on Think like a designer
    • Sigu Magwa’s session on Understanding Docker
    • Paul Mandele’s session AI for beginners

    Then we had divided sessions and codelabs where attendees chose their session of preference to listen:

    • Emmanuel Meena’s sessions on How to Kotlin
    • Naamini Yonazi’s (yes, me 😉 ) session on Programming makes my heart Flutter. You can view the fluttering slides HERE.

    Hilarious games

    Naamini Yonazi
    I promise you we didn’t believe people could act this way
    Naamini Yonazi
    No! she ain’t crazy. Games make you refresh and unwind

    Women in Tech

    Naamini Yonazi
    Ladies at the GDG DevFest 2018


    Naamini Yonazi
    An epic DevFest 2018!!!!
    Naamini Yonazi
    The audience engagements was just WOW!

    A big thank you to ALL those who attended, came to support me (S/O Doreen Andrews ) and showed some Tech Love on this day. You made the event a great success with the energy, vibes and engagements you provided. Y’all are AWESOME!

    Oh!! and I made some new Tech friends .. What are you waiting for?!! Get ready for DevFest 2019!! It’s going to be LIT!!!!

    Naamini Yonazi
    Inno, our super energetic MC asks “What are you waiting for? Join us DevFest 2019”