A piece of IWD’19

April 13, 2019by Naamini Yonazi
Naamini Yonazi

Hey y’all…

Women’s day year 2019 is finally here *whoop!! whoop!!* This year, I had a GREAT opportunity to be a speaker at the International Women’s Day event hosted by the Women TechMakers Dar es Salaam. “The who now?”, you ask? Child.. calm down!

Who, What, Why?

Listen … Google began Women Techmakers way back in 2012, by former Google[x] Vice President Megan Smith. “It’s a global program that celebrates women, encouraging them to pursue and excel in technology careers. Women TechMakers creates visibility, community and resources for women in technology by hosting events, offering free training and piloting new initiatives with different groups and partners around the world. It has local/meetups communities, provides scholar programs and has Global Event Series to inspire women all over the world.”

Women TechMakers Dar es Salaam

So this is a local community group here in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania, where we held our first International Women’s day event at Buni Hub – Sayansi on 13th April 2019. There were Six (7) inspiring speakers, were each one of us had a session to showcase skills and inspire our fellow women (and the men that attended).

We started the event with a Keynote session from Georgia, speaker and the leader of the Women TechMakers Dar es Salaam – my Sensei – who exposed me to this other world I didn’t know it existed. Since this was our first IWD, she took us through the introduction – the who’s, why’s and what’s Women TechMakers.
Naamini Yonazi
MDG (-; and two of my favourites, all time support group beside me

“Create Work-Life Integration using Technology.”

This was my topic on the event. You can view my slides HERE. As a member of the WPA (World Procrastination Association) and the MDG (“Meet the Deadline” Group), I was able to prepare a short presentation that takes my audience through a convenient way to use technology to integrate their work and life. I cannot [to date] stress enough on the use of digital services to ease our work and lives. Technology is making our (women) lives easier and enables us to juggle our responsibilities well.

Sheryl Sandberg, the author of Lean in, has a chapter “The Myth of doing it all” which explained exactly what I wished ladies to understand. Sheryl talks about women striving for unrealistic goals and comparisons.

“Like me, most of the women I know do a great job of worrying that we don’t measure up. We compare our efforts at work to those of our colleagues, usually men, who typically have far fewer responsibilities at home. Then we compare our efforts at home to those of mothers who dedicate themselves solely to their families.”
– Lean In, Sheryl Sandberg

This section is long that will need its own post for another time but I am going to let that quote sink in for a while …

Done? okay .. Enough said about my session. Other sessions (the pictures above) included “Action on Google”-Codelab session, “Create your opportunities from your challenges”, “Silencing self doubt” and “Tech is Female”. Tech is Female was a topic of two, young inspiring and innovative girls, who took advantage of tech to solve issues surrounding our local community.

“Without women computing as we know it would not exist”

Finally … we had cake you guysss!!! On closing out first event, we had a piece of International Women’s Day 2019 – IWD’19, a yummy cheesy cake to celebrate all the women in the field of technology!

Naamini Yonazi
Speakers given the honors of cutting the cake
Naamini Yonazi
Sharing a piece of IWD’19 with my awesome people
Naamini Yonazi
My all time pose
Naamini Yonazi
Women TechMakers Dar es Salaam